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Carlsbad, CA

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Acushnet Company, home to the leading brands in golf (Titleist and FootJoy) has an exciting opportunity for a Research Engineer. In a position of supervised research, knows and applies fundamental knowledge of engineering disciplines, scientific methods, golf club design and computer based modeling tools to complete future generation projects for the Titleist golf club franchise. Performs research and/or development to discover and validate potential product advancements necessitating the application of new and unique approaches. Works with management to evaluate specific project opportunities in an organized manner to align with critical path schedule requirements. Generally works with latitude for un-reviewed actions or decisions. Utilizes computational analysis software and numerical techniques to analyze golf club designs and predict a comprehensive suite of advanced performance metrics. Works with management, fellow Research engineers, and product designers/engineers to create 3-D models for subsequent performance evaluation and concept validation. Maintains fundamental knowledge of state of the art engineering applications, computational analysis tools, golf club design methods, USGA golf club product specification regulations, competitive product specifications, patents, and industry trends. Knows and applies fundamental knowledge of numerical software and scientific methods to create software algorithms and numerical models in order to organize and improve existing model resolutions, modeling domains, data collection protocols, and data processing methods. Works with management and collaborates with senior-level Research engineers to develop scientifically advanced product platforms for next generation Titleist golf clubs utilizing complex computational and/or empirical models with a vision for critical paths required to substantiate concepts and bring new technologies to market. Maintains fundamental knowledge of engineering principles, numerical analysis techniques, and empirical testing methods to expedite the R&D process by helping to identify crucial performance parameters and evaluate design feasibility. Generates necessary engineering and technical documentation to facilitate collaboration, communication, and support to Design, Product Development Engineering, Research, Testing, Suppliers, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, and/or Legal. Applies fundamental knowledge of golf club design and analysis techniques to bolster R&D technical reporting. Actively pursues comprehensive patent opportunities in previously unexplored technology domains by submitting invention records, generating and evaluating critical data in support of the Acushnet patent portfolio, and maintaining a continual awareness of the competitive intellectual property landscape. Works with management to validate future projects in an organized manner and align with critical path schedule requirements. Provides technical and professional consultation to co-workers (particularly entry-level associates), consultants, and/or contractors as necessary.

Qualifications we look for in this position are BS Degree in an Engineering or related field is required. More than 3 years of increasingly responsible professional experience is required.
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