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Lila Sarwono

Lila Sarwono

Growing up in Indonesia, before coming to the United States and experiencing the different customs on the east and west coast allowed Lila Sarwono to develop a strong appreciation for many diverse cultures.

Lila spent her childhood in Indonesia. The first mention of the United States was not until late in her teenage years. In the Indonesian culture, this was a time in life when most people either came to the United States to attend college or went to Australia. Lila ventured to the United States in 1992, to obtain her college degree. Her choice to attend Seattle University was made only through two college placement exams. Lila’s selection of Seattle University was solely based on the exam placement and awareness of the Indonesian population in Seattle. After only three years, she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.

At this point, the Asian Economy was soaring therefore Lila decided to depart back to her home country of Indonesia to begin her career. Within a couple of months, Lila was employed and was able to travel to the United Kingdom, where she was trained for ten weeks with other new associates from around the world. It was a remarkable experience that allowed her to come in contact with numerous people from varied backgrounds and cultures.

When the Asian economic crisis took its toll in 2000, Lila took advantage of the situation to further her education. She returned to the United States, and this time attended school on the east coast, “I already experienced the West Coast so I just chose the East Coast this time”. Lila received her MBA from Northeastern University and through their co-op program became employed by a local company. Lila worked part time, while working towards her degree and upon graduation in 2002 was offered a full time job. Lila was able to obtain her permanent residence within the United States shortly thereafter.

In 2009, Lila became employed by Acushnet Company. The transition to Acushnet Company was made easy by the family-oriented environment that the company offers within its professional work culture. Lila enjoys working for a company that truly cares about the health and well-being of its associates. The benefits of the fitness facilities offered onsite, along with the other healthy-living initiatives, and overall workplace environment are just a few of the reasons that Lila takes pride in working for Acushnet Company.