Important WorkShare Update

Workshare Benefits:

Acushnet Co has partnered with the unemployment department to develop a workshare program.  This program allows management to reduce associates scheduled hours so we can get more associates back to work and share the workload.  Workshare also allows the associates to continue to receive a portion of their unemployment benefits plus the additional $600 per week. Now that you’ve agreed to return to work, we will be submitting your name to Unemployment as a member of a Workshare team, once we do this, we cannot remove you from Workshare and you will need to work your scheduled hours.

Below is information you may find helpful during this process.

  • While you are participating in the workshare program it is important that you work your scheduled hours each week. Holidays, vacation days, and earned sick time will count towards your 32 hours of work, you will not receive workshare benefits if you have any unpaid time off, including FMLA.  It will be very important for you to be paid for exactly the number of hours you are scheduled for workshare- no more, no less.  We are relaxing our vacation request policy to help you manage your paid time during workshare weeks.
  • To bring back more associates to share the workload, for the time being our workshare lists will be updated on a weekly basis. This means you may be placed on a new workshare list each week the program is in place.  Due to these updates, you may receive letters from unemployment notifying you that you are no longer eligible for workshare. This usually means the prior week’s list has been discontinued and you have been placed on a new list for the current week and we ended the previous weeks plan.   Workshare lists are effective from Sunday to Saturday.
  • Now that you are on workshare you no longer contact unemployment to request your weekly pay as Human Resources is contacting unemployment for you.  If you are calling in your final hours on Sunday night for the previous week and are expected to return to work the next day, (Monday) you may receive a message that you cannot claim your benefits due to being in a workshare program.  In order to certify your claim you can either wait until the following day or go online and certify through the unemployment website.
  • Workshare unemployment pay will not be made by direct deposit; unemployment will be mailing you a live, weekly check. You will continue to receive your Acushnet Company pay by direct deposit.
  • If you are receiving weekly pay of $25.00 for dependents, unemployment will reduce this amount by the percent of your regular schedule that you are working.