US Site and Safety Update from Brendan Reidy

As some states have begun to lift restrictions, below is the latest company guidance on re-opening plans, inclusive of our Medical and Safety practices.  As we have done so far, we will continue to operate with the health and safety of our associates as a top priority, while restarting business operations in the context of local and federal regulations.  We expect that in the coming weeks the guidance will continue to evolve, and we will update you accordingly.

Reopening Plans

Over the past weeks, management has created site by site plans for reopening in the context of state regulations.  With that, we expect many of our West Coast associates to be working on site as of next week.  Our East Coast operations will have a very limited number of associates working onsite given Massachusetts regulations.  If you are in a role which requires you to work onsite, your Manager will contact you.

Continued Work from Home Through Labor Day

Over the past few months we have operated successfully with most of our associates working remotely every day.  This remote working has enabled us to be compliant with local regulations, as well as provide flexibility for those people navigating various personal situations due to COVID-19 such as child care and school closures.

Therefore, we are announcing that those who can work remotely, should continue doing so through Labor Day.  If state regulations allow and you have a critical need to be on-site, please contact your Manager to ensure the proper safety protocols are being followed.

Medical and Safety Practices

If you are going to work on site (assuming work requires it, and is permitted by local regulations), it is important to understand the Medical and Safety Requirements that have been developed.  Every associate who returns on site is required to get clearance from our Medical Services Dept by calling: (508) 979-3333.

Have a great weekend,


Brendan Reidy
Chief People Officer
Acushnet Company