Facility Status and Startup

Facility Status Definitions

OPEN – Staff on-site and fully operational

OPEN REMOTE – Staff operating remotely

PARTIALLY OPEN – Limited staff and limited operation

CLOSED – No staff on-site and facility is not operating

Current Facility Status – Last Updated 6/30/2020


Distribution Center/ 3PL OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN
Golf Ball Manufacturing OPEN OPEN
Tooling Manufacturing OPEN
Ball Printing OPEN
Club Assembly             PARTIALLY OPEN
Fitting Center(s) PARTIALLY OPEN
Cresting / Custom Apparel PARTIALLY OPEN
Scotty/Vokey 3PL           OPEN  
Q: Why are Custom and Distribution bringing back a small number of Associates prior to the lift of restrictions on non-essential businesses?


Massachusetts recently changed the guidance with respect to the operation of distribution facilities. The state guidance provides that permitted operations include small numbers of associates to package and fulfill orders received via telephone or the internet. Below is that revised text from the mass.gov Covid-19 website:

Can non-essential businesses bring in a small number of employees in order to remotely fulfill online or phone orders? YES if following the remote fulfillment guidelines below:

  • Facilities must be closed to the public, as the allowance is for the fulfillment of remote sales/orders only
  • Employees may only be engaged in the packaging and delivery/shipping of phone and online orders, not the manufacturing of those product
  • Operating hours must allow for sufficient ongoing off-hour sanitation/cleaning
  • All employees must wear face coverings while on-site
  • All employees must maintain 6 feet social distancing and employers should stagger employees within the facility to ensure social distancing
  • Any deliveries made by employees must be ‘no-contact’ deliveries: items must be left in mailboxes, mailrooms, garages, lobbies, at doorstep, or similar no-contact drop-off points
  • Employers must stagger shift start/stop times and breaks/lunchtimes in order to minimize contact
  • Facilities must have readily accessible hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities for employee use
  • In a closed facility that is used for remote fulfillment:
    • There must be enough space within the facility for all employees present to be able to maintain six feet of social distancing
    • In a facility under 10,000 square feet, a maximum of 3 employees may be allowed on the premises at a time
    • In a facility between 10,000 – 30,000 square feet, a maximum of 5 employees may be allowed on the premises at a time
    • In a facility more than 30,000 square feet, a maximum of 7 employees may be allowed on the premises at a time
  • Employee workspaces must be cleaned frequently, following public health guidelines
  • Employers must require employees to self-administer a temperature check prior to beginning each shift. Any employee with any symptoms, including a temperature over 100.0 degrees, must not report to work and should self-isolate, contact their doctor and follow medical guidance.
  • Employees in quarantine, due to exposure to a known case of COVID-19 or someone with COVID-19 like illness, must remain under quarantine for 14 days since day of exposure and not report to work
  • Employers must strictly adhere to any further workplace guidance
  • Facilities found in noncompliance with this order must be closed immediately
  • Facilities unable to fully comply with all of these parameters shall not operate. .
Q: What will Golf Ball Operations Start Up Look Like?


We are continuously monitoring federal and state guidance on re-opening our operations. Initially, we plan to open at less than full capacity, and will be emphasizing ensuring the safety of our associates. We will focus our early efforts on specific products needed in the market.  As we transition from the mitigation phase (stay at home) to the containment phase (businesses opening), we are preparing workplace guidelines for associates to advise them pre-arrival at work. Our at-work guidelines will include ways we are addressing maintaining physical distancing, regular cleaning of common areas and shared equipment, along with an emphasis on good hygiene. An emphasis will be put on associate personal responsibility in adhering to the new workplace guidelines.  We anticipate that there will be a level of anxiety when we begin to return to work, but recalling associates over an extended time will hopefully help mitigate some of the uneasiness.

Q: What are the Golf Ball Operations Re-Opening Steps?


Step 1: Facility preparation, equipment checks, pilot runs and supervisor training. Limited Shipping in Custom*
Step 2: Social Distancing and safety protocol validation with limited staff. Limited Printing in Custom**
Step 3: Expand to multi shift in all operations with limited staff.
Step 4: Expand shift staffing next increment staffing
Step 5: Expand shift staffing next increment staffing

* Safety assessed prior to advancing from step to step

**Some operations on 4 day work weeks with WorkShare Steps will be compliant with State of Massachusetts phased re-opening plan: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/reopening-four-phase-approach