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Q: How long will I receive the additional $600/week?

A: From the date the bill is signed through July 31, 2020, all regular UI and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claimants will receive their usual calculated benefit plus an additional $600 per week in compensation.

Q: I have exhausted my unemployment benefits, when can I expect to collect under the CARES act?

A: Some states started to provide this benefit before others, in MA this new benefit became available on April 20. The CARES Act provides an additional 13 weeks of state UI benefits, which will become available after someone exhausts all their regular state UI benefits.

Q: I am having an issue with my unemployment claim. Who can I contact?

A: Important Information:  The number of unemployment assistance is 877-626-6800 or you can go online and fill out a request for a call back https://www.mass.gov/forms/covid-19-department-of-unemployment-assistance-contact-request

Eileen Wagner
Rapid Response

Q: What happens if the furlough extends beyond my expected return date on my original unemployment claim?   Do I need to reopen my claim?

A: Continue to request weekly benefits.  The state realized this may be an issue and will ignore expected return dates due to COVID-19.  IF your request or payment shows as on “HOLD”, please contact Laurie Tantillo at 508-910-8842.  She will assist.

Q: Can Acushnet Seasonal Regulars participate in WorkShare?

Yes. All Acushnet full time associates assigned to workshare are eligible to participate. Part time associates and agency temporary associates are not eligible.

Q: Do I need to pay off my 401k loan?

A: Please refer to the “Loan Repayment Delays Under the CARES Act”.  You will find this information posted under the 401k link on this Acushnet/Covid website.

Q: Are you drug screening upon recall?

A: If you are out for 60 days and are in a safety sensitive position, you will be subject to a drug screen upon recall.

Q: I have recently applied for a mortgage or car loan?  Who can verify my employment?

A: Please have your financial institution contact HR, Laurie Tantillo, Heather Supinski, or Kristen Meunier

Q: How long does the company plan to continue to subsidize health benefits for Associates on furlough?

A: The company plans to continue to subsidize health benefits at the Associate rate for 12 weeks from the date of furlough.   More detail will be available in a letter that is being mailed to each Associate that is on furlough.