Our core values represent essential truths that drive our work every day. They serve as guiding principles for building high-performing teams, creating lasting partnerships and fostering an inclusive, respectful, authentic culture where all can thrive and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Core Values 1 Core Values 1

Passion For Dedicated Golfers

Golf is our heritage and our primary focus. We have a deep appreciation for dedicated golfers and strive to understand and anticipate their needs, today and tomorrow.
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Core Values 2 Core Values 2

Performance & Quality Excellence

We live by the credo “Autograph your work with excellence.” Our unrelenting focus on superior performance, quality and consistency is a competitive advantage that builds unwavering trust with golfers, golf professionals and trade partners.
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Core Values Core Values 3

Driven To Innovate

We have a burning desire to continuously improve. We are problem solvers and constantly challenge the status quo – from creating the most technologically advanced products, to the way we work with our trade partners, to how we engage with golfers.
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Core Values Core Values

A Spirit of Leadership

We are competitive and decisive. We are confident yet act with humility. We persevere in the face of challenges with resilience and optimism. We deliver results in the near-term while preserving our brands’ long-term leadership positions.
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Core Values Core Values

Integrity & Respect

We are trusted because we do what we say we will. We hold each other accountable to the highest standards of ethical behavior. We seek to build a globally diverse, inclusive and collaborative culture.
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Core Values Core Values

Bridge Builder Mindset

As brand caretakers, we always pay heed to those who will follow behind us. We seek to leave our brands, businesses, communities and the game of golf in a better position than when we started.
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