Wellness For Life Program

Acushnet HealthWise Vision

Wellness For Life, is an Acushnet Company Associate Initiative positioned to create a climate and culture that encourages Associate Wellness needs. Through partnerships with the medical community and Acushnet HealthWise Coaches, Associates gain access to high quality Health and Wellness services.


A company culture which embraces and prioritizes the health of Associates and their family members. An Acushnet HealthWise Program that is valued by associates and provides opportunities for enhanced quality of life.


  • To recruit and retain wellness minded Associates who will support and encourage each other to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide convenient access to programs and services that promote disease prevention, encourage healthy living, and emphasize quality healthcare and consumer education.
  • To empower Associates to take action in their Personal Health Management and guide their loved ones to take health actions.
  • To reward and recognize those Associates who take care of the company’s most valuable asset… its people.
  • To control healthcare costs at a rate that is better than the industry norm.

“It is not just about controlling runaway medical costs. It is about the kind of company that we want to keep and how we are going to reward and encourage people to take care of this company’s most valuable asset…its people.”

Wally Uihlein, President and Chief Executive Officer